My open soure projects.



.exe dropper written in c#, once the payload is executed on a machine, you can use the client to connect to the machine, and provide it with a direct http download link for a .exe, it will download the remote file and execute it.



Jewgle is a basic keylogger written in c#, unlike most keyloggers, Jewgle is hookless. being hookless allows Jewgle to avoid detection. Jewgle is unfinished and barely started, maybe one day ill work on it again.

watme-app 0wner


PHP Web application designed to target and spam a specific (external) website with weak form validation. The website on July 29, 2018 around 4 to 5 am, was flooded with over 5k fake usernames with string prefixes such as "unclegang". This application is similar to something you would see done in python, but I did it in PHP for fun.